Monday, November 24, 2008

A bit o' business

I've been remiss here, but I suppose you folks who visit the blog can notice the Foodbuzz banners and such (and yes, I know the top one is off-center, but rectifying that will require a heart-to-heart with the template, which I haven't had time for yet). Yes, I have signed on, and I have to say so far I've been enjoying it quite a bit. I haven't begun to dig into all the features it offers, but I look forward to it. Already, I've discovered that a blog I thought was inactive and had missed quite a bit is very much alive. I've also found new blogs.

Foodbuzz takes the model of social networking you might know from sites like Facebook and applies it to food. There are slots for blogs, restaurant reviews, chit-chat, recipes and more. Given that there are lots of foodies on the internet, and they're all passionate about food in various ways, it seems like a great idea for a social networking site.

Yes, there are ads, and I have to say that I gave this some serious soul-searching when I was first contacted by Foodbuzz, but I decided to gamble and try to get some sort of income stream from the blog. Call it an experiment.

More cooking coming soon.


Nate-n-Annie said...

welcome to Foodbuzz!

It looks like your cooking blog has been around a long time. Could you tell me what the blog name is all about?

Winslow said...

Hi guys! Thanks! :)

The blog title is explained a bit in the first post, way back in 2004 (yikes!). I wanted to start a blog about cooking Asian food, and when I counted the different kinds of soy sauce I had in the cupboard, seven was the magic number. "Seven Kinds of Soy Sauce" had a nice ring as a title, so I went with it.

Since I started the blog, I've branched out from Asian food, but I think I want to get back to that more in the future. I'm not Asian myself, but I love Asian food and teaching myself to cook it has been a great source of enjoyment for me. There's still a lot to learn, too!

Thanks for stopping by!