Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Chicken and cashews, Thai-style

By way of celebrating a new job, I got some new cookbooks. Two were Thai cookbooks by Nancie McDermott, Quick and Easy Thai and Real Thai. Last night I cooked my first dish from Quick and Easy Thai, "Chicken with Cashews and Chilies." There is a very similar recipe in Real Thai; there is a lot of overlap between the two books, but Real Thai places the dishes in a regional context and adds some recipes that are not "quick and easy," such as those for curry pastes.

I went mild on the chiles, using one dried serrano chile. My dried serranos are pretty old by now and I think they've lost most of their punch. I overcooked the chicken pieces, but it still ended up tasting pretty good. Leftovers were even better tonight when served over a plate of hot jasmine rice. The flavorful chicken and the simple rice were perfect foils for each other.

I'm due for a couple of postdated restaurant reviews from last weekend when I was out of town.

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