Thursday, January 26, 2006

Meme: Too much information

Well, obachan was looking for willing tag-ees for a meme, so I had to volunteer, just to help her out. So here we go, some completely irrelevant information for y'all:

1. Mountains I have climbed include Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire, Cadillac Mt. in Maine, Mt. Scott in Oregon and Utsjoki Ailigas in Finland.

2. I used to play the dulcimer a little bit.

3. H. P. Lovecraft is (was?) a distant cousin of mine.

4. My first word was "kih-kih," that is, "kitty."

5. I know how to read tarot cards.

6. I used to listen to Jean Shepherd on WOR when I was a kid.

7. I'm an off-and-on collector of model horses.

8. I was one of the hordes of people who saw a Boreal Owl in Central Park last winter.

9. One of this year's projects is to hike the Batona trail end to end with The Lurker and Perfect Tommy.

10. I was in the stands when Len Dykstra won game 3 of the 1986 National League playoffs with a homer.


obachan said...

Hi Winslow,
Thanks for helping me out. :D I hope you had fun doing this, too.
I've never seen dulcimer before. What an interesting shape!

Winslow said...

Hi obachan,

It was my pleasure. It was a lot of fun trying to pick a good assortment of things. Of course, I really do need to tag some more people.

Dulcimers come in a number of different shapes; some are more triangular or teardrop-shaped. The hourglass shape is the most common one, however, and that's the shape of my dulcimer. The sound holes can also be different shapes, but the heart-shaped sound holes are also common. It's an interesting musical intrument, and one with a somewhat enigmatic history.