Friday, January 21, 2005

Apprentice sauce chicken

Argh. Yesterday I got a chicken at the Asian supermarket, because I knew I had to replenish the master sauce and figured I might as well cook a chicken while I was at it. Once I got over my fascination at how the chicken was articulated (if I moved the leg, the toes would move) and got it into the pot, all seemed well. Once I started augmenting the sauce so it would cover the carcass (no dice, really, since the carcass insisted on floating), I realized I had used up all my Chinese light soy sauce and had no replacement bottle in the pantry. That was very upsetting, and I may have to go out in tomorrow's impending snowstorm to rectify the problem. My stopgap fix was to use shoyu, which is more or less halfway between Chinese light and mushroom soy.

Once I got the chicken out of the pot, I realized that though the skin was a beautiful even brown color, the bird was not cooked through. Argh!!! So I boiled a pot of water and put the carved chicken pieces in to finish them off.

It was definitely not the most inspiring meal I've made. I've got more chicken meat to deal with tomorrow, and some more chicken parts to add to the stock pot, whenever I decide to launch into making chicken stock from scratch, but the master sauce mastered this cook tonight. Maybe I should've stuck with last night's donburi leftovers.

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