Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Garden report 01.18.05

Short but sweet, with two exciting developments in the SevenSoy Greenhouse.

1. Mitsuba is perennial in USDA hardiness zone 6, so I can plan on planting mitsuba this spring and keeping it going over the winter. Find out lots more about mitsuba here.

2. My indoor tomato plant is showing unmistakable signs of incipient flowers. Flowers, of course, turn into tomatoes eventually. Given that we are in the midst of another nasty cold snap, I'll continue to be skeptical about the possibility of indoor tomatoes, but it's starting to look like it might really happen, at least in a nearby parallel universe.

In other news, emboldened by Debbie over at words to eat by, I'm working on an index for this blog. The more I blog, the more I want such a handy reference tool. It turns out it may not be all that difficult, other than requiring a lot of cut and paste work.


obachan said...

It’s been pretty cold over here and my mitsuba isn’t looking good these days. Maybe I’ll have to give it up and plant new one this spring.

Winslow said...

Hi obachan,

Sorry to hear your mitsuba isn't happy. Being in Zone 6 means that the average annual minimum temperature is from -10 to 0 degrees fahrenheit (-23.3 to -17.78 celsius). Although we are having another cold snap now, I think the lowest temperatures we've gotten so far this season are in the single digits (but still above 0 degrees F). That doesn't include wind chills, which sometimes have been below zero.

When I start planting, I'll probably experiment a bit, with some some mitsuba staying outside for the winter and another batch being brought indoors. I'll try to save some seeds, too, in case my plants don't make it through the winter. Being a beginning gardener means not knowing exactly how anything will work out.