Thursday, January 27, 2005

Quiet time

Well, it's been quiet here for a few days. Much as I would like to, I can't really blame it on the approximately 15 inches of snow that fell over the weekend. Of course, the combination of snow, cold temperatures and an aged car mean I haven't been gadding about to the local markets and buying exotic ingredients. I can't even walk to the Asian supermarket right now because not all of the sidewalks between there and here have been shoveled. Maybe this weekend.

I've also been feeling uninspired in the kitchen lately, though forgetting to put meat in the fridge to thaw for dinner hasn't helped, either. Tonight I made easy orzo, which is just orzo with the "sauce" from easy noodles. The orzo clumped together like sticky rice; no doubt not a good thing for orzo but I didn't mind it. I had meant to use some porcini soaking water to boil the orzo rather than regular water, but I forgot.

At least I know this lack of inspiration will soon give way to another bout of fun cooking. At least, it had better. Maybe it's just cabin fever.

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