Saturday, March 19, 2005

Double your garden, double your fun

I have another crop. Last night, after coming home from a corned beef dinner at The Deacon's, I found one tiny little seedling poking up in the mitsuba pot. This morning I could see its two tiny leaves, all ready to do service as solar panels. Not only that, another little seedling has appeared. I'm very pleased, because I understand that parsleys are much harder to grow than lettuce, and I wasn't sure if any seeds from my indoor start of mitsuba would come up. There they are, ready to go, and a little ahead of schedule, even.

Speaking of lettuce, it continues to go great guns. The seedings are around an inch tall (some more, some less), and even at this small size, some differences in structure between seedlings have appeared. There are big rounded ones and little crinkly ones, neither of which have been identified to variety yet. The official variety breakdown is 25% Deer Tongue, 18% Oakleaf, 18% Simpson Elite, 18% Tango, 10.5% Royal Red and 10.5% of a Red Oakleaf.

Since the lettuce is growing like crazy, the seedlings have gotten very crowded in some parts of the pot. So, I took a deep breath and started thinning this morning. I took out or moved about ten seedlings, and will keep at it progressively. The ones I took out became a very light breakfast snack. They're definitely lettuce, with a light delicate taste. I think I can get used to this.

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