Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Spring hath sprung

I suppose it may seem eccentric to insist that spring is well on its way, given that we had our latest winter storm yesterday. But for me, spring has been here since the beginnng of February, when the cardinals and Song Sparrows started singing, just like clockwork. The big flock of wintering Canada Geese has moved out and flocks of blackbirds are moving in. The weather may not know it's spring, but the birds do.

Just to clinch it, I planted my first seeds today. After I got home from work, I sprinkled an assortment of lettuce seeds in one pot, and planted a few mitsuba seeds in another pot. The lettuce should be sprouting in 7-10 days, while the mitsuba will probably take closer to 20 days, since it is a parsley and they are slow to germinate. At least, that's what my information tells me. Planting a garden will be one big experiment because this is the first year I've ever tried it.

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