Sunday, March 27, 2005

Today's sprouts

Another set of little green sprouts is coming up, this time in the pot that contains scallions, spinach and Chinese celery. Judging from the position of the sprouts, they are incipient spinach plants, though I can't say they look much like spinach at this point.

Of the six mitsuba seedlings, two are looking particularly healthy and strong. Meanwhile, I continue to thin the lettuce patch. Most of those seedlings are long and scrawny; according to my mother this means they aren't getting enough light. It's still a little early to put them outside, though temperatures are moderating. Then again, some of the newer seedlings are less gawky, so maybe they're starting to get enough light.

Next to plant: edible-podded peas, Thai basil, bergamot and hot peppers.

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