Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sukiyaki leftovers

Tonight I had the leftover sukiyaki from my less-than-successful attempt on Sunday morning. Since I was going birding with The Lurker and Perfect Tommy, and since we were starting late, I figured I'd have enough time to whip up a batch of sukiyaki. Unfortunately, I made a few mistakes:

1. Thin beef, when cooked too long, attains the texture of shoe leather.
2. Measuring out a cup of shoyu by pouring it over a cup of sake until you reach the two cup mark on the measuring glass means you'll probably end up with too much shoyu in your broth.

I attempted to rescue it by emptying my bottle of mirin into the brew, cooking it down and pouring it over short-grain rice. It wound up being an edible lunch for a birding trip, but not much more. When The Lurker inhaled the cooking fumes, he thought something smelled Italian, kind of like some sort of toast. I'm afraid that must have been because the rice was a bit closer to burning than I had thought.

So that was dinner tonight. The shoe-leather beef actually had a better flavor than one might expect, and the broth wasn't that bad: just less sweet and more intense than I wanted.

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