Sunday, May 22, 2005

Simmered hijiki tofu

Checking the expiration date on my package of firm tofu yesterday made me realize that I had to use it up or else. Time to throw something else together. What I ended up with was the following:

Stir-fry some hydrated hijiki in oil for a couple of minutes. Then add a cup of dashi, three tablespoons shoyu, three tablespoons sugar and two tablespoons mirin. Add sliced tofu, bring to a boil, then cover and lower heat. Simmer for ten minutes.

The sauce was a bit thin; I probably should’ve cooked it down some more to make it more intense. Having said that, it was still a good sweet shoyu broth. There was a bit too much oil, but that was because I started with a little too much peanut oil in the pan. I adapted the shoyu broth from Hiroko Urakami’s broth in her recipe for braised hijiki, just substituting dashi for water. I finally have real mirin back in the house, too, thanks to a trip to Whole Foods.

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