Saturday, December 11, 2004

Happy shopping

I just got back from the Asian supermarket. I'm going to a potluck dinner tonight and am planning to make donburi, so I needed to get a few things. The Asian supermarket is in full holiday swing, with Christmas music interspersed among the Sinatra-type songs (it's either 80s music, bombastic pop or Sinatra on their PA system, which leads to some downright surreal moments). They are also giving away stuff if you buy x dollars worth of groceries; I politely turned down the Chinese newspaper, to the amusement of the cashier, but was delighted to claim my very own free calendar. It's a huge calendar with landscape scenes; each landscape has birds in it somewhere, ironically. I also got a free long-lasting 60 watt light bulb; not bad since I'm getting low on light bulbs.

The announcement on the PA about the shopping rewards wished customers "Happy shopping." Maybe I'm a little odd, but I'm always happy shopping in there. Such neat things you can buy, so many tempting possibilities. You never know what you'll run into; this morning in the Korean section, I saw a can of silkworm larvae cooked in soy sauce and sugar. The picture on the can did not look appetizing, but a quick Google confirms that this is a real Korean dish. I guess I'll be cowardly and leave them alone for now.


Anonymous said...

heh. I bought a can of those larvae for my dad for xmas, just to blow his mind. Perhaps I will be able to report on the, uh, taste next month. :-)

- foodnerd

Winslow said...

Hi Foodnerd,

I would be interested to hear a review of those larvae. This past summer we had a big emergence of 17 year cicadas nearby, but I was never able to bring myself to try any of the stir-fry recipes I saw for them on the web. I suspect the taste would be similar.

P.S. I love your blog!