Friday, December 03, 2004

Poached in white wine sauce

In the interest of exploring my blog options, here I am playing with the settings and postdating a blog entry. I really wish I had blogged this one at the time, but life has gotten busy lately.

To make a long story short, The Deacon let me know that she was having flounder poached in white wine sauce for dinner tonight. Her mother is in San Antonio and I guess The Deacon was looking for company. I didn't have anything special planned for my dinner but even if I had, the words "poached in white wine sauce" probably would have induced temporary insanity. So there I was, standing on the front porch of The Deacon's manse with a hopeful smile on my face (invisible due to the current lack of a porch light).

As I have gotten more into cooking, I have found great pleasure in cooking for my friends or my parents. But there is also pleasure in sitting back and letting someone else (willingly) cook for you. While The Deacon did her thing in the kitchen, I got to play with the cats. I grew up with cats but currently don't have any, because it's a big responsibility. It is really nice to visit households with cats and get a little feline therapy.

The flounder was lovely, attended by a light salad and green beans, as well as hazelnut cookies for dessert. One of The Deacon's talents is cookie-baking. My parents think she should start a subscription service, Cookie of the Month. They would probably be the first subscribers. The Deacon spends most of December baking cookies and has barely gotten started yet. Today was the day she candied orange, lemon and lime peels.

After dinner, we enjoyed tea and Jeopardy. The Deacon sent me home with a zestless orange, lemon and lime. Never pass up real fruit juice, especially if you have Thai recipes lying around the house.

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