Monday, December 06, 2004

Random stir-fry

Yesterday, after a birding trip, The Lurker and I came back to my place for some dinner. The Lurker got takeout from Wendy's, but I'm trying to economize and also wasn't in the mood for fast food. So, while he ate his food, I threw together a random stir-fry that worked out pretty well. I used abura-age (deep-fried tofu pockets) because I didn't have any thawed meat on hand. I stir-fried some shallots and ginger in peanut oil for about a minute, then stir-fried the abura-age for a couple of minutes, then dumped in the sauce. I used a blend of shoyu, mirin, sesame oil, water, Tabasco sauce and cornstarch for the sauce, and when it clumped together a little too much, I added some sake to deglaze the pan. Getting a good sauce consistency when I'm making things up on the fly is still an adventure. The whole mess was served over a bed of udon.

It ended up being a quick tasty meal. Next time I might add some water chestnuts for crunch and veggie content, but it was more than adequate for dinner.

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