Wednesday, December 29, 2004


It's that time of year, I suppose. I suspect food is a component of many peoples' New Year's resolutions (as in the ever-popular, "I'm going to lose some weight this year."). Well, that one is probably on my list too, but it's not the only culinary resolution for me. Some others:

1. I'm going to use food more economically and waste less of it. Gardening should help.
2. Rather than stick with tried-and-true wine favorites, I'm going to expand my wine horizons by trying new ones.
3. I'm going to shift my approach from cooking new recipes to integrating the cuisines I'm learning how to cook with the familiar food I'm used to.
4. I'm going to plan meals more, so I don't always come home after work and settle for the easy or lazy thing.

That's probably plenty to tackle for one year. Besides, there are plenty of other non-culinary resolutions to fit in as well.

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